Great Ocean Living

MAUREEN ESSE enjoys nothing more than dabbling inside other people’s houses. “I love being presented with the very pleasant challenge of coming up with ways to refresh or refurbish living spaces for my clients anywhere from Geelong through to the surf coast and as far away as Melbourne.

Whilst I don’t have a fixed approach to my interiors, I do like to create a relaxed and casual ambience rather than a sharp-edged feel; and because I work on a lot of coastal properties, sand and wet feet are high on the list of challenges to deal with! I generally like to use a background palette of soft tones with splashes of colour to give it zing.  This provides a great opportunity for clients to introduce some of their favourite colours and treasured objects.

Many of my projects involve the design of renovations/extensions, and I frequently work with older houses that the owners don’t want to change the style too much; so it’s often a case of updating bathrooms and kitchens and giving the rest of the house a lift with paint, lighting, floor and window treatments, but at the same time retaining their character. My role is to present clients with ideas, but they still make the final decisions, ensuring the process is a collaborative one. Most people have some thoughts about what they want, but don’t have the time to put it together or often the confidence to do so.”

From simple decorating to complete design, Great Ocean Living can manage every aspect of your project including applications for Owner/Builder, Council Planning and Building Permits, as well as the myriad of other requirements associated with the process of renovating and/or extending.

“We can make your interior design and decorating an enjoyable process, rather than a stressful one.”

Maureen can be contacted on 0412 337 435 or email


Tenth dining kitchen before TYPE 2_1

11 Tenth dining kitchenafterTYPE 2_1