Community Groups




The Aireys Inlet and District Association (AIDA) is a voluntary organisation that has been devoted for over 50 years to preserving the natural environment and character of the coastal strip that lies between Eastern View and Urquhart Bluff on the ‘Surf Coast’ of south eastern Australia.

AIDA members include ratepayers, residents, their families and others who share a love of our district. Our communities lie along the Great Ocean Road, nestled between the ocean and the hinterland. Urquhart Bluff is not marked on the map below, but it lies just to the right of the “B100” sign near the top right of the image.

Current AIDA committee members are now working to bring our history up to date. As a significant first step, Ian Godfrey and Lecki Ord have scanned and made pdf files of all our past newsletters and “A BRIEF HISTORY OF AIDA: from 2000 to present” is in preparation.

To contact AIDA write to the Secretary at PO Box 359, Aireys Inlet, VIC 3231, or visit the website –